Scar Camouflage

Skin Camouflage (also known as scar camouflage) has become one of our most popular services here at Lash Factor Studio. Why is that? As more and more people experience gender-affirming surgeries or recover from skin trauma, we have been helping patients recover in the most comfortable way possible; beautifully. 

What is Scar Camouflage?

This procedure is a permanent makeup operation that helps with imperfections in the skin. Scar Camouflage helps decrease the presence of scars from surgery, burns, accidents, or any disorders.

Hairline Tricopigmentation helps to stimulate the appearance of hair loss. Reconstructive Camouflage helps patients by re-creating a nipple and/or areola on the new breast. Any scars that resulted from the surgeries can also be masked.

What is an areola reconstructive tattoo?

It is an advanced permanent tattoo that gives the illusion of natural color and shape of the areola & nipple. This 3-D areola reconstruction is a great alternative or finishing touch for patients who choose to have or choose to forgo nipple reconstruction surgery. Our specialists can give you the illusion of nipple protrusion with 3-D areola reconstruction tattoo.

These services are perfect for all types of breast reconstructive surgeries.
✅Female to Male chest masculinization
✅Double or Unilateral mastectomies
✅Areola scar camouflage after After any breast surgery

Who is Scar Camouflage for?

This procedure benefits post-mastectomy patients as well as any individuals with Vitiligo. In addition, anyone who has experienced any sort of skin trauma can benefit from skin camouflage services. Our in-house professional Kellie will work with you directly to 

Scar Camouflage Before & After

Kellie is one of the best permanent makeup artists in AZ, and after getting her certification in skin camouflage she has been working with clients all over Arizona with procedures.

Check out this client testimonial and before and after examples:

As you can see by our before and afters, our methods for scar camouflage are highly effective for repairing nipple scars and damage. Contact us today for a quote!