Nanoblading Eyebrows

NanoBrows is a semi-permanent cutting-edge technique for eyebrows that takes all the benefits of microblading but is safer and less traumatic to the skin, as well as longer-lasting. Microblading is one of the most popular services here at Lash Factor Studio, Yet in our efforts to offer only the best to our clients, we have successfully trained in this most difficult skill and we are excited to offer this new and groundbreaking service as the first in Tucson.

What are NanoBrows?

what are nanobrows?

Nanoblading uses very sharp and fine point needles to create a type of semi-permanent tattoo on the first layer of your skin without actually cutting into the skin to achieve it. Nanoblading professionals will etch the skin and use the needle to make it look like small hairs. This process is incredibly precise and takes years to master.

Who is NanoBrows For?

Many of our clients who enjoy microblading, find nanoblading to be a great alternative. Unfortunately, Microblading works the best only on normal to dry skin types. NanoBrows offers more options for all skin types that previously Microblading could not service. Even people with oily skin can receive the NanoBrow service. Some brow hair is required* Please submit photos prior to Booking this service as you must qualify.

The Nanoblading Process

The difference between nanobrows and microblading is that the artist has more control over the Everything regarding the safety of the brows. The integrity of the skin is protected, causing less trauma to sensitive skin. The process of nanoblading hurts less as we are not cutting into the skin like with Microblading. Lash Factor Studio offers brow mapping for symmetry, topical anesthetics, as well as custom color matching included in every service.

This process takes about 1 hour longer than other types of brow procedures due to the precision required to make sure every hair stroke flows perfectly with your natural hair pattern ensures beautiful results every time.

Best Nanoblading Services in Tucson

With some of the best semi-permanent makeup services in Tucson, Lash Factor Studio is always a top recommendation for any people around Downtown Tucson. With experience working in extremely competitive markets in Los Angeles, the Lash Factor team stands above other facilities offering nanoblading services in Tucson.