Corrective Skin Care

Corrective Skincare


Dermaplaning is a form of manual exfoliation similar in theory to microdermabrasion but without the use of suction or abrasive crystals. An esthetician grade, sterile blade is stroked along the skin at an angle to gently “shave off’ dead skin cells from the epidermis. Dermaplaning also temporarily removes the fine vellus hair of the face, leaving a very smooth surface. As with any type of exfoliation, the removal of dead skin cells allows home care products to be more effective, reduces the appearance of fine lines, evens skin tone and assists in reducing milia, closed and open comedones, and minor breakouts associated with congested pores. Dermaplaning can be an effective exfoliation method for clients that have couperose (tiny blood vessels near the surface of the skin), sensitive skin or allergies that prevent the use of microdermabrasion or chemical peels.

Due to the contours of the face, certain areas of the face (such as the eyelids and nose) are not treatable using this method.


Microdermabrasion is a cosmetic procedure used as a facial rejuvenation tool.  A technician uses a machine to rapidly discharge super-fine crystals onto the skin’s surface, removing the outermost layer of the skin, the stratum corneum. The crystals are then vacuumed away. The treatment is not painful, and there is no recovery time.

Both microdermabrasion and dermaplaning will leave your skin looking and feeling refreshed, healthy, and brand new! Each procedure is noninvasive, virtually painless, and requires little to no recovery time. When choosing a treatment method, take into consideration your specific skin type and your skin’s unique needs.


Microneedling is a treatment that is good for all ages and skin colors. Any part of the body can be treated for sun damage, pigmentation, acne scars, skin texture, hair loss, and even stretch marks. It is fast, comfortable treatment with very little downtime and should be part of a healthy skincare process.

Microneedling is done with a small hand held device that makes tiny, controlled punctures called micro-wounds or channels. These channels trigger the bodies healing process to produce new collagen and elastin within the dermis, the lower layer of skin. Also, new capillaries are formed for improved blood supply. The creation of micro-wounds allows topical products to penetrate deeper into the skin than they normally would and this increased the skins ability to utilize the nutrients by up to 3,000 percent!

At Lash Factor Studio, we use the Skin Stylus®️ MicroSystem Professional Kit. The Skin Stylus Microneedling System is a unique fractional technology that offers exceptional results rivaling fractional laser resurfacing and chemical peels without the pain, downtime, and removal of precious skin layers, regardless of skin type. Skin Stylus incorporates advanced skin nutrition in EstheCeuticals for amazing results. EstheCeuticals are specifically formulated for micro needling and incorporate research supported active ingredient to provide exceptional results (beautifying the skin) while avoiding ingredients that rely on marketing hype, Topical anesthesia can be used with the Skin Stylus to ensure a comfortable treatment and because Skin Stylus does not use heat so downtime is minimal.

Skin Stylus is the ONLY micro needling system that can be autoclave sterilized.
What conditions can the Skin Stylus Microneedling System improve the appearance of?

  • Fine lines and other age management issues
  • Acne scarring
  • Scars from trauma or incisions
  • Skin tone and texture issues
  • Pigmentation issues