Eyelash Extension Training in Tucson, AZ

Complete Intensive Training Courses

Lash Factor Studio Academy is offering a wide variety of training courses designed to introduce you to the practice of beauty aesthetics or to further your skillset. Our comprehensive classes are taught by working professional artists of more than ten years will teach you all aspects of being a successful artist. Each course will enhance your ability to understand the foundation of application and artistry by accompanying you with the most up to date information. We utilize visuals, demonstrations, and thought-provoking exercises. All of our trained and licensed educators cater to each student, which will leave you feeling confident & inspired to reach your creative heights.

Who Are These Courses For?

In our courses, students work on live models under supervision. This experience, in combination with on the Largest Beginning Toolkits being offered on the market right now, you will be well on your way to practicing on your own. These courses are perfect for newcomers to the industry and seasoned Cosmetology, Esthetic or Cosmetic Tattoo Art professionals looking to expand their services. Beginners with no prior knowledge to seasoned  Beauty Industry professionals will appreciate our step-by-step approach to teaching. You will learn a lot in a short amount of time, but you will be offered continued support and mentorship. No prior experience or license required.*

Learn to Lash: Beginning & Advanced Styling

Lash Extensions gives the client instant beauty & removes the need for mascara. Client wakes up ready to go! The added volume and length to natural lashes & take years off their appearance.

Dermaplaning & Peels 101

Dermaplaning is a treatment will gently scrape the surface of the skin in repeated short, delicate motions, eliminating the facial hair in a process similar to shaving. This procedure leaves the skin glowing, aids in better product penetration & reduce fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and more! This is a very sought after treatment because it helps with age management & evens skin tones.


This is an Ancient hair removal method that allows for more precise lines and angles! Repeated use can lead to less hair growth where threading takes place, and potentially even permanent hair removal.

Microblading & Shading

Microblading recreates the look of actual hair so clients don’t need to fill your brows, cutting makeup application in half. It opens and lifts the eyes!  Although Microblading is actually a type of  Permanent Makeup (PMU) it is still a separate and a completely different skill. Compared to classical PMU, done with a machine, microblading provides the possibility to draw thinner hairs using different, unique handheld microstroking techniques. Resulting in fine, crisp and extremely natural hair strokes that clients love!

Big mistakes microblading professionals make that send clients running:
1. Poor symmetry
2. Incorrect face/brow mapping
3. Incorrect color choice due to lack of training in color theory
4. Poor pain management
5.  Poor communication with clients

LFS Academy will teach you so you avoid these mistakes and increase client retention!

We will give you everything the info you need to be successful.
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Learning how to do a skill is one thing.

Learning the tricks of the trade from a PRO!
That changes the game.

We are as dedicated to instructing as we are to learning.  Collectively, we’ve more than $45,000 traveling globally to learn the skills and techniques needed to build a great business. The secret to this business is that the methods are scattered around the US and the world. But we have gathered it all and will provide everything to you need to have your client coming back again and again.

You will gain important insights on what to avoid and how to
•  Learn a variety of techniques
•  Proper client communication
•  Pain Management
•   Business Structure for Success
•    Where to purchase Best Products at the Lowest Cost*
•    And much more!

Imagine starting a career for just $499

All numbers are approximate and may vary depending on clientele, location, marketing and tips not included.

We are offering one of the Largest Kits available

Students in our training courses will also receive:

  • Full-Color, In-Depth Manual
  • Practice Worksheets
  • Live Model Practice
  • Client Forms
  • Certificate, upon successful completion
  • Kit options available*
  • Ongoing Mentorship and Support

We are offering Group training, Private Session or Smaller Group Sessions available! Want us to Visit your City? Contact us to Book Your Course!

Deposits and course fees are non-refundable. Yet can be applied to a future course within 6 months.

You will leave these courses Confident and Eager
to Practice and Master your Craft.

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